The Crash Of Hell

The American Civil War, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, The Crash of Hell

Edited by: Robert Guisepi


Excerpts From Chamberlain's Writings

Ten minutes had not passed. Suddenly the thunder of artillery and crash of iron that had all the while been roaring over the Round Top crests stopped short.

We understood this, too. The storming lines, that had swept past the Third Corps' flank, had got up the base of Little Round Top, and under the range and reach of their guns. They were close upon us among the rocks, we knew, unseen, because so near.

In a minute more came the roll of musketry. It struck the exposed right center of our brigade.

Promptly answered, repulsed, and renewed again and again, it soon reached us, still extending. Two brigades of Hood's Division had attacked-Texas and Alabama. The Fourth Alabama reached our right, the Forty- seventh Alabama joined and crowded in, but gradually, owing to their echelon advance. Soon seven companies of this regiment were in our front. We had all we could stand. My attention was sharply called, now here, now there. In the thick of the fight and smoke, Lieutenant [James H.] Nichols, a bright officer near our center, ran up to tell me something queer was going on in his front, behind those engaging us.

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