Our policy for this web site is as follows:

  • No Politics, Left or Right

    There are plenty of other web sites that advocate political positions on the burning issues of the day. There’s no need for us to add to the glut. Anyway, We’ve observed that today’s burning issues are tomorrow’s ashes.

  • No Polemics Against Religious Groups.

    We will affirm our beliefs, but we won’t single out any religious group to refute its beliefs or practices. There is no need to refute the darkness if we stand in the Light, because the Light itself banishes all darkness.

  • No Attacks on People

    God hates sin, but He loves people even more. That is why He sent His Son to get rid of the sins and save the people. It would be fun to talk about other people’s sins, but that is a sin in itself: gossip. Since we are all sinners, we would only be arguing over the seating arrangement on the bus to hell. So instead we will concentrate on getting us all off the bus.

  • No End-Times Bulletins

    While we affirm that Jesus will return, raise the dead, and judge all flesh, we observe that everyone who has attempted to interpret current events to determine the time of His coming has been confounded. Therefore, we won’t even try. Instead, we will strive to be ready all the time.

Pick up a pencil. Notice that your fingers can’t pick up the pencil unless the thumb opposes them. The fingers outvote the thumb four to one, but the majority can’t accomplish much of anything without the minority’s opposition. So we feel that the Holy Spirit may inspire the members of the body of Christ to disagree with each other from time to time, because minority opinions usually serve some higher purpose. Therefore, we are respectful of people who disagree with us; the Holy Spirit might have sent them to correct and reprove us.