Baroque Art

Baroque Style Of Art

Baroque style is probably my favourite out of all. This is because I am someone who really pays attention to detail so when it comes to art and architecture the buildings that attract me the most are the complicated ones full of little details. It is said that the Baroque style is associated to drama and tension because of its exaggeration and over complication in the form of art, architecture, literature, theatre and dance.

This style began in Rome in the seventeenth century and steadily spread around Europe in countries such as Portugal, Spain, Czechslovacchia, France and Switzerland. Baroque was a style that was favourably seen upon by the Catholic Church. It was seen as a way to portray religious themes by creating an impact through emotional involvement. Many artists used the baroque style in their paintings and sculptures such as Correggio, Caravaggio and Michelangelo.

The Baroque style in paintings features intense lightings, emotions and contrasts. The architecture however, placed its importance on detailing and grandeur.

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