Documents to Aid Students and Scholars in Biblical Interpretation

The Bible is a valuable collection of sacred ancient texts, written and assembled over several hundreds of years by numerous authors. These texts were written to particular people living at a definite time and place who shared common experiences and knowledge.

By studying similar literature that precedes and follows the biblical writings chronologically, students of the Bible are better prepared to discover the intended meaning.

Apocryphal and pseudepigraphal literature was apparently intended either to supplement or supplant existing canonical literature. Many of the apocryphal gospels offer guesses as to what occurred during the so-called "missing years" of Jesus' life -- during his childhood or after his resurrection. Others attempt to provide support for later theological convictions -- both orthodox and heretical.

Whether the information found in the apocryphal literature is factually correct or not is not necessarily important. These documents give interpreters valuable insight into what some Jews and Christians believed in various places at different times.

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The Gospel Of Peter

Introduction The early testimonies about this book have been set forth already. The present fragment was discovered in 1884 in a tomb at Akhmimin Egypt. The manuscript in which it is a little book containing a portion of the Book of Enoch in Greek, this fragment on the Passion and another, a descrip...
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The Life of Adam and Eve

The Biblical Story in Judaism and Christianity PART ONE Introduction and Problems of the Text Individual Versions A. Greek B. Latin C. Armenian D. Georgian E. Slavonic F. Coptic PART TWO Electronic Edition A. Its Potential B. Existing Technology C. Non-Latin Charac...
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The Infancy Gospel of Thomas [Greek Text A]

From "The Apocryphal New Testament"M.R. James-Translation and NotesOxford: Clarendon Press, 1924Introduction The older testimonies about this book have been given already. I now present the three principal forms of it, as given by Tischendorf: two Greek texts, A and B, and one Latin. The few Greek m...
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The Infancy Gospel of Thomas [Greek Text B]

From "The Apocryphal New Testament"M.R. James-Translation and NotesOxford: Clarendon Press, 1924 The Writing of the holy Apostle Thomas concerning the conversation of the Lord in his childhood. I. I, Thomas the Israelite, have thought it needful to make known unto all the brethren that are of the G...
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The Infancy Gospel of Thomas [Latin Text]

From "The Apocryphal New Testament"M.R. James-Translation and NotesOxford: Clarendon Press, 1924 Here beginneth a treatise of the Boyhood of Jesus according to Thomas. I. How Mary and Joseph fled with him into Egypt. When there was a tumult because search was made by Herod for our Lord Jesus Chris...
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A 5th Century Compilation of the Thomas Texts

The first Gospel of the INFANCY of JESUS CHRIST From "The Apocraphal Books of the New Testament", 1901 CHAPTER 1 The following accounts we found in the book of Joseph the high-priest, called by some Caiaphas: 2 He relates, that Jesus spake even when he was in the cradle, and said to his mother: 3 M...
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An Arabic Infancy Gospel

IN the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, one God. With the help and favour of the Most High we begin to write a book of the miracles of our Lord and Master and Saviour Jesus Christ, which is called the Gospel of the Infancy: in the peace of the Lord. Amen. 1. We find (1) what fol...
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The Gospel of the Nativity of Mary

CHAP. 1.--The blessed and glorious ever-virgin Mary, sprung from the royal stock and family of David, born in the city of Nazareth, was brought up at Jerusalem in the temple of the Lord. Her father was named Joachim, and her mother Anna. Her father's house was from Galilee and the city of Nazareth, ...
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The Gospel of Mary [Magdalene]

[The Coptic papyrus, from which the first six pages have been lost, begins in the middle of this gospel.] "...will, then, matter be saved or not?" The Savior said, "All natures, all formed things, all creatures exist in and with one another and will again be resolved into their own roots, because th...
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The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew

THE GOSPEL OF PSEUDO-MATTHEW HERE beginneth the book of the Birth of the Blessed Mary and the Infancy of the Saviour. Written in Hebrew by the Blessed Evangelist Matthew, and translated into Latin by the Blessed Presbyter Jerome. To their well-beloved brother Jerome the Presbyter, Bishops Cromatius ...
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The Gospel of Nicodemus [Acts of Pilate]

Introduction We have as yet no true critical edition of this book: one is in preparation, by E. von Dobschutz, to be included in the Berlin corpus of Greek Ante-Nicene Christian writers. A short statement of the authorities available at this moment is therefore necessary. Tischendorf in his Evangeli ...
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The Gospel of Bartholomew

GOSPEL OF BARTHOLOMEW From "The Apocryphal New Testament"M.R. James-Translation and NotesOxford: Clarendon Press, 1924Introduction Jerome, in the prologue to his Commentary on Matthew, mentions a number of apocryphal Gospels -those according to the Egyptians, Thomas, Matthias, Bartholomew, the Twelv ...
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The Gospel of Philip

translation by Wesley W.Isenberg A Hebrew makes another Hebrew, and such a person is calledproselyte. But a proselyte does not make another proselyte. Some both exist just as they are and make others like themselves, while others simply exist. The slave seeks only to be free, but he does not hope to ...
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The Secret Gospel of Mark

Archive Notes This document was found by Prof. Morton Smith in 1958 at the Mar Saba monastery, southeast of Jerusalem. In the document, authoritatively attributed to Clement of Alexandria, a "Secret Gospel of Mark" is mentioned. Clement presents fragments from the text of this secret gospel which he...
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