Biblical Numerics

One of the interesting aspects of a number of ancient languages like Hebrew is that in their written form, where we have numbers and letters, they have only letters. In each language there are no numeric characters but the letters are also used as numbers. The context told the reader the word was a reference to a numeric value or not. The interesting outcome of this is that when a word is written, it also has a numeric equivalent. Applied in reverse, when a number is written, it has a word equivalent. One such word that many Christians today are familiar with is the word "tithe". Its numeric value is "one tenth", its word meaning is "gift to God". When it is used in Biblical text, the word "tithe" will mean either "one tenth" or "gift to God" and the context in which the word is used will indicate which is the correct meaning. The most well known use of the word in the Bible is Malachi 3:10 - "Bring all the tithes into the storehouse ..." Given the context of this verse in the chapter where it appears, the "tithe" referred to is "gifts to God", and not "one tenth", however Bible teachers who do not understand the use of "numercial words" like tithe say it means both, ie. "one tenth, being the predetermined amount one gives to God". This is incorrect and has led many to believe erroneously that God demands one tenth of their income as a gift to Him, simply because they lack understanding of word useage in ancient texts. Another "numercial word" in our volcabulary is "century". Numerically it means "one hundred"; as a word it means "completeness". A century means both 100 years, and also the completion of a calculated era of time. Again, in the English language we have blurred the numeric value and word meaning, so that, when a cricketer scores a century, he a) scores 100 runs, and b) completes a predetermined level of achievement by which his degree of success as a batsman is calculated. "Numercial words" were never meant to be interpreted with both meanings in this way; they were meant to have one meaning or the other, not both.

These word equivalents, or numerical words were used by the ancient prophets in their writings, particularly to the Children of Israel during their time in captivity, as a way of getting out God's message at a time where their practice of worshipping God was forbidden by their captors. Writing in this manner, these documents could be freely distributed among the people without the authorities realising that there was a message being circulated that was hidden from them, but understood by the Hebrews. This was important for the likes of Daniel whose writings was actually prophesying about the kings and kingdoms under which they were being ruled. Daniel therefore wrote about Statues and Beasts to hide the true meaning, yet it could be understood by the Hebrews of the day who were familiar with the principle of numerical words having two meanings.

For us today, understanding the alternative meanings of words and numbers in the Bible, particularly prophets like Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation that were all written at a time of oppressive foreign rule, is essential in understanding what these books are about. By not being able to determine the true meaning of what was being said or to not even know or realise these words have an alternate meaning, we will never understand what they were meaning, and they will make as much sense to us today as they did to the captors of the Children of Israel in the day they were written. These words are the main keys to unlocking the real but hidden meaning of what is being said.

The use of numerics in prophesy goes far beyond just words with alternate numeric meanings that were in comon use in the Hebrew language. There is also a system of numerics that is hidden in the text, even from those readers who were familiar with the written language, that we can also use to unlock the secrets in The Bible. Whether these intricate numeric codes were man made or God ordained is not clear, but they do exist and are vital in understanding the true meaning of the book of Revelation, as it is full of them.

The use of number as symbols is called Gematria, and works by giving each letter of the alphabet a numerica value, starting with the first letter having a value of one. By adding up the numeric value of each letter, the sum total determines the word's value or meaning. As an example, the word "Jesus" in Greek is "iasous." Since each letter has a numeric equivalent, we can add up each number and get a value. This value is called the number's gematria. Therefore, the gematria of "Jesus" in Greek is 888 because i = 10 a = 8 s = 200 o = 70 u = 400 s = 200. 888 is a crucial number, not only because it is the number of Jesus; the Gematria for every word of each Gospel (Matthew, John, Luke etc.) totals that number. In addition to this, some Gematria is intrinsically linked to Sacred Geometry; paragraphs become symbols, shapes and geometric diagrams, depicting Sacred symbology! The Gematria of words spoken by Jesus in the Gospels were combined to form geometric shapes (circles, triangles, lines etc.) that fit together like some great diagram. Spoken words in a parable or story were used for imagery, while the numerical value of other words could intersect these geometric designs at crucial points. The Genius of our Creator has transformed the written witness of His dealings with mankind (the Bible) into "three-dimensional hypertext" long before computers were even imagined.

What are the origins of Gematria? The Fifth century BC trading empire of the Eastern Mediterranean-Phoenicians saw the appearance of a writing mode in which alphabetical letters served as numbers. Even at his early date, however, its roots were lost in the mists of time. From this base evolved the Greek and later Hebraic systems of Gematria. Both had reached a high degree of development by the Third Century BC. These alphanumeric alphabets exhibit qualities and interrelationships for which there is no logical intention. Yet an entire symbolic teaching evolved around them which incorporated the principles of number, form, sound, and astronomy. Only number combinations and figures could be utilized to express this knowledge. Today we view number as merely an expression of quantity. To the Ancients, however, every number had its own character and identity, a place in an arithmetic chain that leads from one dimension of understanding to another. Now this extraordinary system of arithmetic, or concealed Geometry, formed the link between the languages of literature and mathematics. With this knowledge, ancient literature, metrology, and sacred geometry can be viewed with new eyes.

The first verse of the Book of Revelation states that the book was written in symbolic or 'signature' form, thus all numbers written into the text do not refer to their numeric value but to their 'signature' or gematric value. Just as many words have a symbolic meaning that must be applied every time the word is used rather than being taken literally, so all numbers have to be read in a similar manner. To those in Biblical days who were used to the interchangeability of words and numbers, the interpretation of prophesy in this way would have been relatively simple. As we are neither used to this method of writing nor are familiar with Greek and Hebrew words and their numeric values, unravelling these 'mysteries' takes us into unfamiliar territory and is fraught with danger. Knowing not only that each number has a meaning but how to apply that meaning and to remember to apply it at all times is essential in correctly interpreting Bible prophesy. Failure to do this will take the reader down a wrong path and is the main reason why there are so many different interpretations as to to what the Book of Revelation is really saying. This is why Revelation 13: 18 warns, "Here is room for wisdom and call for discernment, let anyone with insight calculate the name of the Beast and the number of his name ..."

Those who don't know the meaning of numbers and symbols don't recognise them when they occur, and so they have no understanding of what is actually being said. For example, though the Book of Revelation says the ten horns of the beast are ten kings, this does not necessarily mean that it is talking about ten individual people. The number ten symbolises ordinal perfection from a human point of view, therefore the reference to ten kings is a reference to the ordinal perfection from a human point of view of human kings, of whom there are an unspecified number.

The 'sum total' may be 3, or 7, or 10 or 245 individual kings, but because the reference is to all of them, the symbolic number 10 is used. They may not be kings, either; the word 'kings' is used in prophesy to describe any form of human government. That having been said, many numbers that have appeared in prophesies have had a literal value in their prophetic fulfilment, e.g.. the era of Papal reign during the Middle Ages lasted exactly 1,260 years (3.5 prophetic years), in accordance with Revelation 13:5 if one interprets the Beast as being the Roman Catholic Church. In this instance, the prophetic symbolism related to the reign of the first Beast, but the duration given was literal in terms of prophetic years. Such instances give validity to or identification of the prophetic fulfilment.

Any number to the power of two (muliplied by itself) represents completeness of whatever that number represents. Any number to the power of three represents God's perfection in whatever that number represents. Thus , a reference to 1,000 years (10 x 10 x 10) is not always a millennium in man's calculation of time, but refers to a complete dispensation of time (from beginning to end) in the order of man. Thus, the millennium reign of Christ may not be referring to an actual thousand year period of time (10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000), but to an era of divine completeness for man of unspecified length in man's calculation of time.

To substitute the numbers and symbols in the Book of Revelation is what the writer of the book is referring to when he says "let them that have ear to hear, hear what the words being spoken". In other words, applying the numbers and symbols are the 'ears' needed to hear the hidden message in what the writer is really saying. So when reading The Book of Revelation, whenever you come across a number, simply apply the meaning of that number as detailed below to read the verse how the writer intended you to hear it. In a similar way, when you come across a symbolic word in The Book of Revelation, substitute it for what it symbolises to read the verse how the writer intended you to hear it.

The following is a summary of numerical values with examples of usage

1= Unity, Oneness, sovereignty, light. (used 1898 times). Eph 4.1-6; Jn 10.30; 1 Jn 5.7; Zec 12.10; Gal 3.20. H0441, 0502

2= Witness, division of unity/ duality, difference. (used 808 times). Gen 2.23-24, Lev 14.4-7, Rev 11.3, Gen 1.6, Gen 3.15

3= God's authority, Divine perfection, Godhead, unity. (used 467 times). John 14.6, Rev 18.8

4= The world, creativity, material completeness. (305 times). Gen 1.14-19, Rom 8.19-22, Rev 5.13, Rev 4.6-8, Ex 27.1-2

5= Divine grace, heavenly favour, love. (318 times). Eph 4.11, John 6.1-10, Rom 11.5-6

6= man's nature apart from the Divine, human, the ego, carnal, ungodly, weakness and inadequacies of man (199 times). Gen 1.24-31, Ex 24.15-18, Dan 3.1-30, Rev 13.18.

7= spiritual completeness, spiritual perfection, God's seal, rest. (735 times). Lev 23.15-16, Rev 10.7, 16.17, Gen 7.2, Joshua 6.1-6. "seventh" used 118 times.

8= new beginnings, new birth, resurrection, Jesus. (used 80 times). Gen 17.12, I Sam 16.1-12, Lev 23.26

9 = divine completeness; finality, often resulting in judgement. (used 49 times). Gal 5.22-23. I Cor 12.8-10, Ex 27.12.

10= Perfection of order, law & responsibility. (used 242 times). Rom 8.38, I Cor 6.9-10. "Tenth" used 49 times.

11= Subversion, disorder, martyrdom. the False Prophet of the Book of Revelation is the 11th horn. (24 times). Gen 10.15-18. Ex 14.19-20, Deut 1.2. Following are a few examples of the number eleven in recent world events which may or may not have significance: Date of act of terrorism: 9/11 (9 + 1 + 1 = 11); September 11 - 254th day in one year (2 + 5 + 4 = 11);After September, 11 up to the end of year remains 111 days;Telephone code of Iran / Iraq - 119 (1 + 1 + 9 = 11); Number of flight of first of planes, smashing into WTC - 11; Flight 11 - 92 persons onboard (9 + 2 = 11); Flight 77 - 65 people onboard (6 + 5 = 11). The Muslim lunar calendar advances 11 days every year in relation to our solar calendar. Number of true pupils of Jesus (twelve minus Judas).

12= Governmental perfection/ judgement. (187 times). Matt 19.28, I Kings 4.7, Job 38.32, Num 13.1-33, Ex 15.27

13= rebellion, corruption, Satan. Drakon or dragon has a value of 975 (13 x 75) and it occurs 13 times. Peirazon or tempter has a value of 1053 (13 x 81). Belial which is personification of evil has a value of 78 (13 x 6). Anthropoktonos or "murderer" has a value of 1820 (13 x 40). Ophis or "serpent" is 780 (13 x 60). The phrase used by the Holy Spirit Ho kaloumenos diablos kai ho Satanas or "called the Devil and Satan" is valued 2197 (13 x 13 x 13). (15 times). Mark 4.21-22, Gen 14.4, Est 3.8-13, Rom 1.28-31; Ge 48.20

14= deliverance/ salvation. (26 times). Ex 12.6-7, Matt 1.17.

15= rest, covering. (24 times). Lev 23.6-7, 34-35, Est 9.20-22.

16= Love. (23 times). 1 Cor 13.4-8; cf. 2 Chr 29.17

17= victory, accomplishment, perfection of spiritual order. The Bible contains exactly 17 historical books from Genesis to Esther and 17 prophetic books from Isaiah to Malachi inclusive. (10 times). Ge 7.11; 8.4; 37.2, 14, 28; 47.28; Jg 8.26; 2 Sam 8.3; Jer 32.9

18= bondage. (22 times). The 18 "I wills" of Ex 6.6-8; Jg 3.14; 10.7f; Lk 13.16; 1 Ki 7.15; 2 Ki 25.17; Jer 52.21; Re 3.12

19= Righteousness of faith. (3 times). Ex 27.9-18; Rom 3.21-5.2; 19 kings in N. And S. Israel

20= The Hebrew word or name Kharf, is represented by this number. It means the power of the palm of the hand, the arm, the open hand to suppress, to lift up, to cover, to allow. (288 times). Gen 31.38-41, Num 14.26-35.

21= Exceeding sinfulness, lawlessness. Tim 3.2-5.

22= Light. Nu 3.39; 26.14; Jg 7.3 [Jair=enlightened]; 10.3

23= Death. Rom 1.28-32; cf. Nu 3.39; 26.62; Dan 8.14

24= the priesthood, the Elect. Ren 4.4; 1 Chr 24-25, 27; cf. 2 Sam 21.20; 1 Chr 20.6

25= Forgiveness of Sins, repentance. Nu 8.24; 1 Ki 22.42; 2 Ki 14.2; 15.33; 18.2; cf. 2 Ki 23.36

26= The Gospel of Christ. 2 Cor 11.23-27; cmp. 1 Ki 16.8; 1 Chr 7.40; Jg 20.15

27= preaching the Gospel - Christ's baptism in 27 AD. Cmp. 1 Ki 16.10, 15; 2 Ki 51.1
Ruling power of a king, Eze 29.17-21

28= Eternal Life. Ex 26.1f; cmp. 2 Ki 10.36; Ex 26.2, 9; 2 Chr 11.21, 23

29= valiance, endurance. Ge 11.24; 2 Ki 14.2; 18.2; 2 Chr 25.1; 29.1; cf. Josh 15.32

30= Blood of Christ - Redemption (used 168 times). Matt 27.3-8.

31= offering. Josh 12.7-24; 1 Ki 16.23; 2 Ki 22.1; 2 Chr 34.1

32= covenant. Ge 11.20; Le 12.4; 1 Ki 20.1, 16; 22.31; 2 Ki 8.17

33= Promise. Gal 4.28; cf. Le 12.4; 2 Sam 5.5; 1 Ki 2.11; 1 Chr 3.4; 29.27; Ex 6.18.

34= Naming of a Son. Gen 11.16, 21.3.

35= Hope. 1 Cor 13.13; cmp. 2 Chr 15.19; 20.31; 1 Ki 22.42

36= Enemy (used 23 times). Est 7.5; cmp. Josh 7.5; 2 Chr 16.1; 2 Chr 2.18

37= the word of the Lord. 2 Ki 13.10; cmp. 2 Sam 23.39; 2 Ki 13.10, 12; 1 Chr 12.27, 34

38= slavery, freedom. De 2.14; 1 Ki 16.29; 2 Ki 15.2; Jn 5.5

39= Disease, healing. 2 Chr 16.12; cf. 2 Ki 15.13, 17; Eze 4.5, 9; 2 Cor 11.24

40= probation, trials, testing. (Used 146 times) Ge 7.4; 8.6; Ex 24.18; Mt 4.2

41 = sweetness, bitterness. 1 Ki 14.21; 15.10; 2 Ki 14.23; 2 Chr 12.14; cf. 1 Ki 14.21; 15.10; 2 Chr 12.13; 16.13

42= oppression. 2 Chr 22.2; 2 Ki 2.24; 10.14; Ezr 2.64; Neh 3; Re 11.2; 13.5

43 = God with us. Nu 26.7 {Reuben meaning "behold, a son"}; cf. Num 34; Ge 11.16f; Ex 12.40f; Gal 3.17

44 = understanding through experience. [22x2]; 144 = the elect sealed with true understanding

45= preservation. Josh 14.10; 1 Ki 4.7; cmp. 1 Ki 18.19, 40; Eze 48.16, 30-34

46 = Dead to sin, alive to God. Jn 2.18-22, 46; cf. Isa 7.14; Jer 52.30; 46 chromosomes in a fertilised ovum: 23 male and 23 female

47 = perfection through suffering. Ge 47.28; 1 Chr 21.5

48 = the shepherd with his sheep. Nu 35.7; Josh 21.41

49 = the Son of Man. Cf. Le 23.16; 25.18

50= The Holy Spirit, Pentecost (used 154 times). Lev 23.15-16, Ge 21.5; 26.12.

51 = Confidence. [17x3]

52 = Wall. Neh 6.15; opening in the wall=Evil {Pekah, 2 Ki 15.27}

53 = Marriage. Jn 21.11; number of weeks Noah was on the Ark

54 = Church as the body of Christ. [27x2]; cf. Ge 49.14f; Nu 1.29; 2.6; Ezr 1.11; 2.7; Neh 7.12

55 = Spirit of Grace. 1 Ki 9.23; 2 Ki 21.1; total number of men of Israel (Ex 38.26; Nu 2.32)

56 = Distillation. [28x2]; Ezr 2.22, 30; 1 Chr 9.9; cmp. 1 Chr 9.1

57 = Zebulun. [19x3]; Ge 49.1; Nu 1.31; 2.8; Nu 2.31

58 = Restored Priesthood. [29x2]; 8580 Levites (Nu 4.48)

59 = Simeon; just division. Nu 1.23; 2.13; Ge 49.7+Re 2.27; cf. Ezr 10.31

60 = Human government. [10x6]; Le 27.7; 2 Ki 25.19; Mk 4.8; 1 Ti 5.9; Ge 25.26; 1 Ki 6.2; 2 Chr 11.21; Song Sol 6.8; Dan 3.1; Mt 13.8, 23; Mk 4.8, 20; cmp. Re 6.1f [seal 1: government]

61 = Conspiracy (coveting of inheritance). Cmp. Nu 31.34, 39; Ezr 2.69; Re 6.3f [seal 2: education]

62 = Greed. Dan 5.31; 9.25f; cf. 1 Chr 26.8; cmp. Re 6.5f [seal 3: economy]

63 = Persecution, a casting out. Cf. Dan 6.5; cmp. Re 6.7f [seal 4: religion]

64 = Decrees. Cf. Dan 6.7f; cmp. Re 6.9-11 [seal 5: the Christian witness continues]

65 = Blasphemy. [13x5]; Ge 5.15, 21 [cmp. Ge 4.7]; Isa 7.8; cmp. Re 2.9; 3.9; 13.3-5

66 = Idolatry. Ge 46.26; Le 12.5; cmp. Re 13.8

67 = Garments or giving. Neh 7.72; cmp. Josh 6.18-7.21

68 = Cleansing or defilement of sanctuary. Cf. 1 Chr 16.38

69 = Destruction of false prophet. Dan 9.27; cmp. 2 Thes 2.8-10; Re 16.12; Ge 5.27; 1 Chr 9.6

70 = Israel's punishment or restoration. Ge 46.27; 50.2; 2 Chr 36.21; Ps 90.10; Zec 1.12; Lk 10.1, 17; Ac 23.23

71 = The Narrow Gate. 1 Chr 12.25

72 = Guardian, gatekeeper, police. Neh 11.19; Ezr 2.3f; Neh 7.8f

73 = Ransom. 222273-22000 Levites = 273; Nu 3.46; Ezr 2.36; Neh 7.39

74 - Steadfast in God's Word. [37x2] Ezr 2.40; Neh 7.43

75 - Deliverance from Confusion. Ge 12.4; Ac 7.14; cf. Re 18.4

76 = Skill, talent. 1 Chr 5.18; 9.13; Ezr 2.9; Neh 7.14

77 = The sacrificial Lamb. Ge 4.24; Jg 8.14; Ezr 8.35; cf. Isa 53; Heb 2

78 = Spoiling of Principalities. 18+60 = 78 (2 Chr 11.21); cf. Col 2.15; lit. The binding and bruising of pride.

80 = New Covenant (40 x 2). Ex 7.7; 2 Sam 19.32, 35; 2 Ki 6.25; 10.24; 2 Chr 26.17

82 = Turning point. Ge 5.26, 28

83 = High Priest. Ex 7.7; Nu 3.28; 83 high priests in Israel

84 = Willingness. Lk 2.37; Neh 11.18

85 = Blessed assurance. 1 Sam 22.18-20; cf. Ps 23

86 = Son of the Bond woman. Ge 16.16

87 = Donkey. 1 Chr 7.5+Ge 49.14

88 = Blessing. 1 Chr 22.7; Neh 7.26

89 = Divine Authority. Neh 7.39-41; Ezr 2.36-39

90 = Bride/wife of Christ. Ge 5.9; 17.17

91 = Attention. Ge 5.14

92 = Servant. Ezr 2.58; Neh 7.50

93 = Guilt. Ge 5.5; 1 Chr 26.8-13

95 = Hero. Ezr 2.20; Ge 5.30

96 = Spoils of victory. Jer 52.23; Ge 49.27

97 = Bringing Down. Jg 7.3, 6; 10000-300 = 9700

98 = Remarriage or divorce. 1 Sam 4.15; Ezr 2.16; Neh 7.21

99 = Establishment. Ge 17.1, 24; Mt 18.12f; Lk 15.4, 7

100 = Human completeness (10 x 10), children of the promise, Gods election. Gen 21.5, 26.12.

Onr third (1/3) is closely related to the number three (fellowship, unity). Where the number "one third" in the original text, the word has been translated and appears in our Bibles as "The Redeemed of the Lord". In Scripture 1/3 is used to symbolise the division of those who are refined of God, from the remaining 2/3 - those who are diconnected from God. Illustration of this division can be seen in the third part of the shekel that was to be used for the work of the Sanctuary (Neh 10; 32), representing the offering to God from those who serve Him. Zechariah 13:9 says, "And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God." This is echoed in Num 19:12 which portrays the third day as the day of redemption: "He shall purify himself with it on the third day, and on the seventh day he shall be clean: but if he purify not himself the third day, then the seventh day he shall not be clean." Hosea 6:2: "After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight." Ex. 19:11: "And be ready against the third day: for the third day the LORD will come down in the sight of all the people upon mount Sinai."
Jesus lived 1/3 of a century on earth; He rose on the third day. See also 2 Chron 23: 4-5; Isa 19: 24; Ezek 5: 12; Ezek 46: 14; 2 Kings 11: 5-6: Num 15: 6-7; Gen 22:4.

Three and a Half (3 1/2) is half of the number seven (the number of spiritual perfection), and represents the half-way point on the journey from ungodliness (zero) to spiritual perfection (seven). The number occurs in prophecy in two other forms - 42 months or 1260 days, both of which add up to 3.5 years.

Three and a Half is used to signify the tribulation or travail of birth. In discussing the number of Tribulation, we must also understand what the word Tribulation really means. It is translated from the Greek as literally "tightly squeezed together". Tribulation then gives a picture more of difficulty and the requirement of skill in navigation (Acts 14:22; Matt 7: 13-14) and not punishment, judgement or cruelty, as the word is generally interpreted to mean.

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