A sermon is a speech or discourse delivered by a religious leader, usually a pastor, priest or rabbi, in a place of worship, such as a church, mosque, or synagogue. The purpose of a sermon is to provide spiritual guidance, inspiration and instruction to the congregation. The content of a sermon can vary widely depending on the religious tradition, but it is typically centered around a specific biblical passage or theme.

In Christianity, sermons are typically given during a church service, and the content often focuses on interpreting and applying the teachings of Jesus Christ to the lives of the congregation. Sermons may also include stories, illustrations, and personal anecdotes to make the message more relatable and accessible.

In Judaism, sermons are typically given during the Sabbath service, and the content often focuses on interpreting and applying the teachings of the Torah to the lives of the congregation. Sermons may also include stories and teachings from the Talmud and other Jewish texts.

In Islam, sermons are typically given during Friday prayers, and the content often focuses on interpreting and applying the teachings of the Quran to the lives of the congregation. Sermons may also include stories and teachings from the Hadith and other Islamic texts.

Sermons can also be delivered outside of a religious service in various forms like podcast, video, audio format. This allows people to access sermons from anywhere and at any time.

The style of a sermon can also vary widely depending on the speaker. Some sermons are delivered in a formal, academic style, while others are more conversational and informal. Some sermons are highly emotional, while others are more reflective and contemplative.

Regardless of the style or content, the goal of a sermon is to inspire, enlighten, and guide the congregation towards living a more meaningful, fulfilling, and purposeful life. Sermons are an important part of religious life and provide a space for people to come together and learn about their faith, as well as to find guidance and support as they navigate the challenges of life.

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Paradoxes of the Christian Life

With respect to the paradoxes of the Christian life, thegreat Christian Humanist, Erasmus of Rotterdam, had somethinginteresting to say. With tongue in check, he wrote: . . . The biggest fools of all appear to be those whohave once been wholly possessed by zeal for Christianpiety. They squander thei...
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God's Acts In History

The Acts Of God in History There have been certain special seasons in history duringwhich God has been at work with unusual demonstrations of Hispower and His mercy. The Great Awakening in America was one suchperiod. Another was the Protestant Reformation. There haveactually been dozens of such time...
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Christian Themes in The Wizard of OZ

This sermon points out some of the spiritual truths which can be found in THEWIZARD OF OZ (see the third paragraph and following). Note that, in theEmerald City, which represents the heavenly city, the new Jerusalem, therewas much joy and laughter. ("That's how we laugh the day away in the merryold ...
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The Weightier Matters of the Law

In His series of woes against the scribes and the Pharisees,Jesus said, "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! Foryou tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected theweightier provisions of the law: justice and mercy andfaithfulness; but these are the things you should have donewithout...
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Our Relationship to God in the Current Outpouring

Our efforts to please God arise from our love for Him. Becausewe love Him so much, we will begin to want more than anything todo that which pleases Him, even if it might involve hardship.Sacrifice will becomes easier once He brings us to the point thatwe're so deeply in love that despite ourselves, ...
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Adoration Engenders Obedience

Our love for God will automatically elicit obedience to Him.If you love someone, you naturally want to do anything andeverything you can to please that special person. If you've everbeen in love, then you'll recognize this principle immediately.In a genuine romance, the tendency is to bend over back...
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The Robe of Righteousness

In Isaiah 61:10 there is a reference to the robe ofrighteousness: "I will rejoice greatly in the Lord; My soul willexult in my God, for He has clothed me with garments ofsalvation; He has wrapped me with a robe of righteousness, as abridegroom decks himself with a garland and as a bride adornshersel...
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Faith vs. Works

During the time of the Reformation, one issue that was hotlycontested was whether a person is justified by faith or by works.The Catholics emphasized James 2:24, which states that "a man isjustified by works, and not by faith alone," while theProtestants responded with Galatians 2:16 and Romans 3:28...
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We Are Blind to our own Weaknesses

One of the most powerful images in the Bible is that of theplumb line. It is a very graphic illustration of how reality canbreak in on us and shatter our illusions. You can construct ahouse, and as far as you can tell, it may appear to be absolutelystraight. Yet, if you take a long string with a lea...
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Seeing the Storm as God Sees it

When life becomes difficult, it helps a great deal if youcan see things from God's perspective. This isn't easy. Ittakes a great deal of prayer, and a lot of dying to self. What is God's perspective upon our problems? First of all,we must understand that He loves us very much, and that He wantsthe v...
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The Power of Weakness

In the Christian faith, nothing is more powerful thanweakness. It provides the background for the release of all ofthe power of God. Every advance that is made in the kingdom ofGod derives its efficacy from this. Christianity is full of apparent contradictions. Many ofthose who are first shall be la...
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The Weapons of our Warfare

As Christians, we know that at this very moment, we are partof a life and death struggle against the forces of darkness.Whether we like it or not, we are soldiers in an army, and wemust take part in spiritual warfare in order to survive. How can we truly engage ourselves effectively against theenemy...
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Resisting Temptation -- How and Why

We don't know what is in our own hearts. Do you rememberwhen Peter told Jesus that he would never deny him? Peter reallybelieved this, but Jesus knew better, and later circumstanceswere a demonstration to Peter that he was mistaken about himself.He wasn't the blameless man he thought he was. He thou...
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How to Hear From God

There are many ways to hear from God. For most of us, themost obvious way is through conscience. If you feel uneasy aboutdoing something, it is probably a warning from God that youshould not do it, lest you be in disobedience to Him. If youcan't sleep at night because you have done something wrong, ...
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Nothing is Too Difficult for God

Nothing is hidden from God God is very concerned about our thoughts, intentions,motivations, desires, and attitudes. If you are interested inpleasing God, then you must begin by paying close attention tothese things, and by asking God to help you rectify them wherenecessary. This is why David said e...
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