Mo Dec 28 1862 General Hospital New House Of Refuge Ward H

Mo Dec 28 1862
General Hospital New house of Refuge Ward H, St Louis

Dear parents
I resume my pen once more for the purpose of writeing you a few lines my health is
improveing very fast I think considering I am entirely over the measles coug & I
think about over the measles I havent gained my strength yet but my apotite is very
good & I think I will be strong in a few days I havent been out of the ward since the 11 of this
month but as the weather is very fine I guess I will go out a little while this afternoon I havent
heard from Wilson since the reg left here but am looking for a letter every day I havent heard
from home since the 8 of this month the letters you have writen have gon on to the reg Wilson
will send them back so that I will get them I supose after while I dout that I shal go to the reg until
after we are payed off here that may be some time yet & it may be in side of a week there are
several of our reg here but there is but one of my co that is John Gaul but there are several of my
co in the hospitals in town. I have commenced to read the new Testiment through I have got as
far as Ephesians it was about 2 weeks after I came here before I could procure a testiment to read
except it were a catholic testiment & it not being exactly like ours I dident care about reading it
when you write again let me know whether you have sold the hogs yet or not & if you what you
got for them & I would like to know whether you have heard from John Bromley since I left or
not I cant hear a word from him I begin to fear that he is dead this is a very good place to stay I
have had the very best of care I am very anxious to get a letter from you write soon & all the
particulars pray for me that I may continue strong in the faith in reading the testiment I can hardly
find a chapter but what I can recolect of heareing one of you read which brings fond recolectings
to my mind be careful in the direction of you letters so I will get them with out fail yours the
enclosed bosom pin give to Wilie Allan.

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