Archbishops Of Canterbury

A History of England

Archbishops of Canterbury

Name Reign

Augustine (Austin) 597-604

Laurentius (Lawrence) 604-619

Mellitus 619-624

Justus 624-627

Honorius 627-653

Deusdedit 655-664

Theodore (Theodorus) 668-690

Berhtwald (Beorhtweald) 693-731

Tatwine 731-734

Nothelm 735-739

Cuthbert (Cuthbeorht) 740-760

Bregowine (Breguwine) 761-764

Jaenberht (Jaenbeorht) 765-792

Aethelheard 793-805

Wulfred 805-832

Feologild 832

Ceolnoth 833-870

Aethelred 870-889

Plegmund 890-914

Aethelhelm 914-923

Wulfhelm 923-942

Oda 942-958

Aelfsige 959

Beorhthelm 959

Dunstan 960-988

Aethelgar 988-990

Sigeric Serio 990-994

Aelfric 995-1005

Aelfheah 1005-12

Lyfing 1013-20

Aethelnoth 1020-38

Eadsige 1038-50

Robert of Jumieges 1051-52

Stigand 1052-70

Lanfranc 1070-89

Anselm 1093-1109

Ralph d'Escures 1114-22

William of Corbeil 1123-36

Theobald 1138-61

Thomas Becket 1162-70

Richard of Dover 1174-84

Baldwin 1184-90

Hubert Walter 1193-1205

Stephen Langton 1206-28

Richard le Grant 1229-31

Edmund Rich 1233-40

Boniface of Savoy 1241-70

Robert Kilwardby 1272-78

John Pecham 1279-92

Robert Winchelsey 1293-1313

Walter Reynolds 1313-27

Simon Mepham 1327-33

John Stratford 1333-48

Thomas Bradwardine 1348-49

Simon Islip 1349-66

Simon Langham 1366-68

William Whittlesey 1368-74

Simon Sudbury 1375-81

William Courtenay 1381-96

Thomas Arundel 1396-97

Roger Walden 1397-99

Thomas Arundel (restored) 1399-1414

Henry Chichele 1414-43

John Stafford 1443-52

John Kempe 1452-54

Thomas Bourgchier 1454-86

John Morton 1486-1500

Henry Deane 1501-03

William Warham 1504-32

Thomas Cranmer 1533-56

Reginald Pole 1556-58

Matthew Parker 1559-75

Edmund Grindal 1575-83

John Whitgift 1583-1604

Richard Bancroft 1604-10

George Abbot 1611-33

William Laud 1633-45

William Juxon 1660-63

Gilbert Sheldon 1663-77

William Sancroft 1677-90

John Tillotson 1691-94

Thomas Tenison 1694-1715

William Wake 1715-37

John Potter 1737-47

Thomas Herring 1747-57

Matthew Hutton 1757-58

Thomas Secker 1758-68

Frederick Cornwallis 1768-83

John Moore 1783-1805

Charles Manners Sutton 1805-28

William Howley 1828-48

John Bird Sumner 1848-62

Charles Thomas Longley 1862-68

Archibald Campbell Tait 1868-82

Edward White Benson 1883-96

Frederick Temple 1896-1902

Randall Thomas Davidson 1903-28

Cosmo Gordon Lang (from 1942, Baron Lang of Lambeth) 1928-42

William Temple 1942-44

Geoffrey Francis Fisher (from 1961, Baron Fisher of Lambeth) 1945-61

Arthur Michael Ramsey 1961-74

Frederick Donald Coggan 1974-80

Robert Alexander Kennedy Runcie 1980-91

George Carey 1991-

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