The Adventure - Are interested in sharing your knowledge and the Gospel with others? Here's your chance.

Gospel - What is the main message of Christianity? What is it all about? How does someone become a Christian? This section answers these questions.

Apologetics on the Internet - This section discusses the meaning and use of apologetics, especially on the Internet.

Historical apologetics - This section addresses the resurrection of Jesus as an historical event, and related historical issues.

Philosophical apologetics - This section addresses the classical arguments for the existence of God.

Scientific apologetics - This section addresses the most current scientific evidence for the existence of God, and the intelligent design of our world.

Contra theological liberalism - This section deals with the heretical positions of theological liberalism and responses to it. Lot's of info on the Jesus Seminar in here.

Cults and other religions - This section contains links to articles on Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and the New Age Movement as well as other religions.

Montgomery - Articles and audio files on many areas of apologetics by John Warwick Montgomery.

Habermas - Articles, audio and video files on the historical argument for the resurrection.

Debates - Here are a few of on-line debates that I had with a few atheists.

Books - A selection of some of the best Apologetics books.

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