New Life Version (NLV)

Version Information

The NEW LIFE Version, available SINCE 1969 - continues to be the most readable and most understandable Bible without sacrificing accuracy. It is not a paraphrase, or man's idea of what the Bible says. Truths expressed in the original are in no way violated. Leading clergy from most denominations endorse and approve its use.

This unique translation is gender-correct (same as the King James Version). All pronouns referring to Deity are capitalized. Short sentences are used with the subject usually preceding the predicate. No contractions are used. Many paragraphs are preceded with captions which summarize the content. There are no confusing foot-notes. No obscene words are used in the text. Most Old Testament quotations in the New Testament are followed by the reference.

Most words are limited to one meaning - a must for new readers and people learning English as a second language! Example: To read "Paul stood before the court" could mean that Paul stood up first, then the court stood up. NEW LIFE Text would read "Paul stood in front of the court." The wording "A great storm came up" is never used. The word "great" is reserved for something good.

Other examples that make the NEW LIFE Text easy to read: To most unchurched people, the words "being saved" means from physical danger or death. The words used in the NEW LIFE Text are: "being saved from the punishment of sin," thus clarifying and preserving the important meaning.

  • "For God did not send His Son into the world to say it is guilty. He sent His Son so the world might be saved from the punishment of sin by Him." John 3:17 NLV

Distances, measures and money are stated in such a way that they can be understood internationally. Example: dollars, gallons and miles are not used in many countries.

  • "What if a woman has ten silver pieces of money and loses one of them?" Luke 15:8a
  • "Six water jars were there. Each one held about one-half barrel of water." John 2:6a
  • "That same day two of His followers were going to the town of Emmaus. It was about a two-hour walk from Jerusalem." Luke 24:13