Sumerian Houses Were First Built Of Bundles Of Reeds

Sumerian Homes

The earliest Sumerian houses were built of bundles of reeds but after cities began to develop, sun baked mud brick was used. These mud brick houses were more permanent and larger than the reed dwellings.

Reed built house

The houses in the cities were very close together with most sharing a wall with its neighbor. They were not well ventilated and most had no windows. Many consisted of two floors. The lower section was used when protection from the weather was necessary. However, because of the hot nights, the top floor, which was open and without a roof, was used as sleeping and cooking quarters.

Wealthier Sumerians had homes with several rooms and the house was built in the shape of a U with a garden in the center. Most Sumerians spent their day in the garden as the inside was always dark, damp and without proper ventilation.

Evidence suggests that the houses were white-washed on the inside and outside thus giving the homes a cleaner look.

The average room size of most Sumerian homes was approximately 10 feet by 12 feet (3.048 meters by 3.650m).

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