Individual Versions (Georgian)

  • Native Title: "Book of Adam"
  • Original Publication: Georgian original: C. K'urc'ikidze, "Adamis apokrip'uli ..." P'ilologiuri Dziebani. 1964 1: 97-136. French Translation: J.-P. Mahé, "Le Livre d'Adam géorgienne de la Vita Adae in Studies in Gnosticism and Hellenistic Religions, ed. R. van den Broek and M. J. Vermaseren. Leiden, Brill, 1981, pp. 227-260.
  • Current Edition Used: English translation of J.-P. Mahé. This translation appears for the first time in this work
  • Translation: prepared by Gary A. Anderson
  • Extended Discussion in Stone, A History of the Literature of Adam and Eve pp. 37-39.

The Georgian text was published by K'urc'ikidze in 1964. It was recently translated into French by J.P. Mahé in 1981. The text exists in two recensions, the former surviving in 4 manuscripts while the later in 1.

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