A Tour of the Archive


The Archive has been put together with two purposes in mind. The first is more important: to enhance the study of the Vita itself. But the other purpose is also of some significance: to assemble a wide range of material related to the interpretation of the Life of Adam and Eve in Late Antiquity. This latter aim, of course, is enormous and is probably impossible to complete in the course of any one individual's lifetime. Since so much material about Adam and Eve was being collected in view of the interpretation of the Vita, it seemed reasonable also to assemble those same sources in terms of how they illuminated the early interpretation of the story of Adam and Eve in its broadest possible array. Certainly one of the chief virtues of the electronic medium is the ability to assemble an archive such as this that can serve multiple purposes. All of the texts that are collected as background to various interpretive problems in the Vita can just as well be assembled into a source book or better, electronic Archive for the story of Adam and Eve in its most general outline.

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