Individual Versions (Slavonic)

  • Native Title: "Life of Adam and Eve"
  • Original Publication: V. Jagic, "Slavische Beiträge zu den biblischen Apocryphen, I, Die altkirchenslavischen Texte des Adamsbuche." Denkschr. kaiserl. Akademie der Wissenschaften, philos.-hist. Klasse. Vienna, 42:1-104, 1893. Current Edition Used: V. Jagic.
  • Translation: English translation of the German in the editio princeps was prepared by Gary Anderson. This translation from the German into the English has been checked for egregious deviations from the Slavonic original by Jacob Jacobsen, University of Pittsburgh.
  • Extended Discussion in Stone, A History of the Literature of Adam and Eve pp. 30-36.

The Slavonic text is among the most interesting but also the least studied. It follows the Greek in placing the penitence and second temptation narratives at the end of Eve's long discourse on the nature of the fall (Chapter 29 in the Greek, but note that only two Greek manuscripts contain this epitome of the penitence cycle.). The Slavonic text is attested in two recensions, one long and the other short. Jagic published the longer version.

Several traditions in the Vita had a long and very developed history in Slavonic literature. These would include the narratives about the origins of the Wood of the Cross (Holy Rood) and the story of the Cheirograph. The relationship of these traditions to the origin and development of the book still await a thorough investigation.

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