National Museums of Scotland (NMS) Mummy

The National Museums of Scotland (NMS) are blessed with an excellent collection of Ancient Egyptian artefacts. This includes several mummies excavated by such famous Egyptologists as Alexander Rhind and Flinders Petrie. In order to find out more about the collection, and also to assess the conservation required, a 4 year project was initiated to investigate fully various items from the collection.

Initial Findings

Some time ago the NMS had a hugely successful exhibition of conservation techniques in the main hall of the Museum. This involved partitioning off an area of the concourse, and in this area conservation of actual items from the museum collections was carried out. The Initial findings of the project were published at this time, and are included here.

The Mummy Project Update

Following the success of the first display, a follow up was organised. This consisted of a talk on the progress of the investigations, along with an opportunity to view items not generally on display. Again a fact sheet was produced and this is included here.

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