Two Assyrian Officials

Iraq: Khorsabad, Palace, Court VIII
Neo-Assyrian Period
Reign of Sargon II, 721-705 B.C.
308.0 cm H, 249.7 cm W
Excavated by the Oriental Institute, 1928-9
OIM A7366

This relief comes from a wall just outside the throne room of Sargon II's palace. Two court officials - who are beardless and, therefore, possibly identifiable as eunuchs - are shown marching toward the king. The second figure motions to the line of men that stood behind him to come forward toward the king. He stands with his back toward the viewer, as can be seen by the position of his hands and garment, which covers his left shoulder. Traces of the paint originally used for coloring the sculpture still remain on portions of the relief.

The ankle-length robes of the attendants are ornamented with squares and trimmed with fringe and beads along the lower edges. A diagonal band of red crosses the chest. Each courtier wears wire bracelets, earrings, and sandals which are held in position with toe- thongs and straps.

This relief stands about eleven feet high and weighs approximately two and a half tons.

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