Time Line of the Aztecs/Mexica

1000 A.D.

  • the Mexica tribe migrate to the valley of Anahuac (c. 1168 A.D.)
  • Tenochtitlan is founded on the islands of Lake Texcoco as a refuge (1325 A.D.)
  • Mexica tribe dominates the Valley of Mexico (c. 1440 A.D.)
  • Tizoc begins to rebuild the temple to Huitzilopochtli (1484 A.D.)
  • Ahuitzotl dedicates the completion of Huitzilopochtli's temple by sacrificing 20,000 captives (1487 A.D.)
  • Spanish forces led by Hernando Cortes enter Tenochtitlan (Nov., 1519 A.D.)
  • Aztecs drive the Spanish from Tenochtitlan (July, 1520 A.D.)
  • Tenochtitlan falls to Cortes after it is devastated by war and disease (Aug., 1521 A.D.)

Aztec Kings

Period of Reign
Tenoch1325-1376 A.D.
Acamapichtli1376-1396 A.D.
Huitzilihuitl1396-1417 A.D.
Tezozomoc1417-1426 A.D.
Itzcoatl1426-1440 A.D.
Motecuhzoma1440-1469 A.D.
Axayacatl1469-1481 A.D.
Tizoc1481-1486 A.D.
Ahuitzotl1486-1502 A.D.
Motecuhzoma II1502-1520 A.D.
Cuitalahuac1520-1521 A.D.

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