Roman Military History

Military History of the Roman State

This is a listing of works relevant to particular campaigns and battles in Roman history (753 BC - AD 476). For a study of aspects of the Roman Army, see the main bibliography on Roman Warfare. I have added some annotations of my own to the individual items. This is not an attempt to list all work known, but rather what I consider to be up-to-date and useful. This page is still under construction, but is being worked on slowly. I have included a separate list of Abbreviations.

Last update was 8th January 2002.


Military History

This is subdivided into smaller periods.

753-509 Regal Rome

509-300 Rome and Italy

300-264 Pyrrhus

264-202 The First and Second Punic Wars

202-146 Third Punic War, Macedonian Wars

146-90 War in Spain, Jugurthine War

90-49 Julius Caesar in Gaul

49-31 Civil Wars

31 BC - AD 14 Augustan Expansion

14-68 Julio-Claudian Expansion

66-74 Jewish Revolt

69 Year of the Four Emperors

70-96 Flavian Consolidation

96-161 Trajanic Aggression, Hadrianic Consolidation

161-235 Marcomannic Wars

235-284 The Third Century Crisis

284-305 The Tetrarchy

305-337 Constantine the Great

337-375 Alamannic Wars

375-423 Adrianople and Aftermath

423-455 Hunnic Challenges

455-476 Vandalic Threat and Western Disintegration



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not specifically military, but a good starting point

Saulnier, C., L'armée et la guerre dans le monde étrusco-romain (VIIIe-IVe s) (Paris, 1980)

Saulnier, C., L'armée et la guerre chez les peuples samnites (VIIe-IVe s) (Paris, 1983)


Cornell, T.J., The Beginnings of Rome (London, 1995)

not specifically military, but a good starting point

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proceedings of conference in Antwerp, 23-26 November, 1988

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For the Third Punic War, see also 264-202 BC.

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reviewed in JRS 78 (1988), 212-214

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49-31 BC

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31 BC - AD 14

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concerning the site of the Varan disaster


Universität Osnabrück student project on the site

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AD 14-68

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Jewish Revolt, 66-74

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includes discussion of Milvian Bridge

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arguing for 314 as date of Cibalae

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