Hebrew Fonts

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Jack's Siloam Inscription

Siloam Inscription FontThe Siloam Inscription was discovered in 1880 on the rock facing near the opening of the tunnel leading from the Gihon Spring to the Pool of Siloam. It records the successful completion of the tunnel by Hezekiah (725-697 BCE). The script is exemplary of about the same stage of...
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Jack's Dead Sea Scroll Scribal

Dead Sea Scroll Scribal Font (Based on Great Isaiah Scroll) I designed this font because I saw a need for it in DSS scholarship. In the past, publications on scroll material publish the Hebrew text in modern Hebrew and then gives transliterations and translations. It is my opinion that if the origi...
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Jack's Habakkuk Scribal

Pesher Habakkuk Scribal Font (Based on Pesher Habakkuk) Like all of my scribal fonts, you must do some "scribing." Use the "Character Spacing" utility in Format/Fonts in Word to raise lameds 6 points and increase point size. Lower finals and adjust point sizes to correspond as closely as possible to...
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Jack's Meissner Papyrus Cursive

This font, also being a "scribal" hand, requires "tweaking" in the Format/ Font /Character Spacing utility for individual characters. Sorry about this but if you want to duplicate scribal hands in a word processor, you have to do some "scribing."...
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