The Copper Scroll (3Q15)

Column 1

In the ruins which are in the Valley of Achor, under

the steps which go eastward, forty

rod-cubits: a strongbox of silver and its vessels

- a weight of seventeen talents. KEN

in the sepulchre of Ben Rabbah the Third: 100 ingots of

gold. In the big cistern in the court of

the peristyle, in a recess of its bottom which is plugged up with sediment,

across from the upper opening: nine hundred talents.

In the ruin-heep of Kohlit: vessels of tribute of the master of nations, and ephods.

All of this belongs to the tribute and the seventh treasure, a second

tithe rendered unclean. Its opening is in the edge of the aqueduct on the north.

six cubits to the immersion bath, XAG.

In the plaster cistern of Manos, on the way down to the left

three cubits high from the bottom: forty talents of


Column 2

In the salt pit wich is under the steps:

42 talents. HN

In the cave of the old Washer's Chamber, on the third

ledge: sixty-five ingots of gold. ThE

In the vault which is in the court there is donated firewood, in the midst of which,

in the recess: vessels and seventy talents of silver.

In the cistern which is across from the Eastern Gate,

at a distance of nineteen cubits: in it there are vessels.

and in the conduit leading into it: ten talents. DI

In the cistern which is under the wall of the east,

in the tooth of the cliff: six jars of silver.

Its entrance is under the big threshold.

In the pond which is on the east of Kohlit, in the northern

corner, dig four... cubits:

22 talents.

Column 3

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