All Americans Who Served In Egypt



Egyptian Rank

Vanderbilt AllenBrevet major, U.S. Volunteers
Grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt
James BasselSecond lieutenant, U.S. ArmyLt. Colonel
S. F. CameronChaplain in Confederate ArmyMajor
William P. A. CampbellLieutenant, C.S. NavyMajor
Charles Chaillé-LongCaptain, U.S. VolunteersColonel
Raleigh E. ColstonBrigadier general, C.S. ArmyColonel
John J. CoppingerColonel, U.S. VolunteersCaptain
James A. DennisonSecond lieutenant, U.S. ArmyColonel
Henry C. DerrickCaptain, C.S. ArmyColonel
William W. DunlapColonel, C.S. ArmyLt. Colonel
William McEntyre DyeBrevet brig. general, U.S. VolunteersColonel
Oscar Eugene FechetSecond lieutenant, U.S. ArmyMajor
Charles W. FieldMajor general, C.S. ArmyColonel
Hearnwell W. FreemanMassachusettsCaptain
Charles I. GravesLieutenant, C.S. NavyColonel
Wilburn B. HallLieutenant, C.S. NavyMajor
Cornelius HuntMaster’s mate, C.S. NavyMajor
Henry IrginsSergeant, U.S. VolunteersCaptain
Walter H. JeniferColonel, C.S. Army
Inventor of the Jenifer saddle
Thomas D. JohnsonPrivate, C.S. Volunteers
Aide to Major General Henry Heth
Beverly KennonLieutenant, C.S. NavyColonel
Robert S. LamsonMining engineerMajor
Samuel H. LockettColonel, C.S. ArmyColonel
William Wing LoringColonel, U.S. Army
Major general, C.S. Army
Major General
Charles F. LosheLieutenant, U.S. VolunteersMajor
Henry MacIverMajor, C.S. ArmyColonel
Chancellor MartinSecond lieutenant, U.S. ArmyMajor
Alexander M. MasonLieutenant, C.S. NavyColonel
James M. MorganOfficer, C.S. NavyLt. Colonel
Thaddeus P. MottColonel, U.S. VolunteersMajor General
Edmund ParysActing ensign, U.S. NavyMajor
David E. PorterBrevet captain, U.S. ArmyCaptain
Henry G. ProutMassachusetts VolunteersColonel
Erastus Sparrow PurdyBrevet lt. colonel, U.S. VolunteersBrigadier General
Horatio B. ReedBrevet lt. colonel, U.S. VolunteersLt. Colonel
Alexander W. ReynoldsBrigadier general, C.S. ArmyColonel
Frank A. ReynoldsLt. colonel, C.S. Army
Alexander Reynolds’ son
Thomas G. RhettMajor, C.S. ArmyColonel
Robert M. RogersCaptain, U.S. VolunteersColonel
John H. SavageColonel, C.S. ArmyColonel
Richard SavageBrevet second lieutenant, U.S. ArmyCaptain
Henry Hopkins SibleyBrigadier general, C.S. ArmyBrigadier General
Sidney J. SibleyCavalry courier, C.S. ArmyLieutenant
Charles Pomeroy StoneBrigadier general, U.S. VolunteersMajor General
Carroll TevisBrevet brig. general, U.S. VolunteersBrigadier General
William H. WardLieutenant, C.S. NavyColonel
Edward WarrenSurgeon General of North CarolinaSurgeon General
D. G. WhiteMajor, C.S. ArmyMajor
William H. WilsonAsst. surgeon, 13th Ohio CavalryDoctor

All of these men accepted actual commissions in the Egyptian Army. They agreed to fight for Egypt in any war, except one against the United States. Their pay was similar to that for the same grades in the U.S.

At least four U.S. officers (Fechet, Loshe, Rogers, and Wilson) were given leaves of absence by General of the Army William T. Sherman, allowing them to gain experience in Egypt.

Six Americans (Campbell, Hunt, Lamson, Parys, and both Alexander and Frank Reynolds) died in the service of Egypt. Five more (Irgins, Jenifer, Loshe, Purdy, and Rhett) died from diseases or circumstances related to their stint in Africa. White deserted, and was never heard from again.

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