How to lay hands on someone

If you are not clergy, find out the requirements of your church. The laying on of hands is used in a number of church rites, some of which can only be conducted by clergy. You must obey all the rules that apply to you, so that you do not accidentally make a mockery of your own church.

Important Considerations

  • You can use both hands if you like, but one hand is sufficient.
  • It is not necessary or appropriate to touch any part of the body other than the shoulders or head.
  • If you are praying for healing, it is not necessary to hold your hand over the afflicted body part. It might even be unseemly or embarrassing. Aspirin knows where the headache is, and God is smarter than an aspirin tablet.

Laying Your Hands on Someone

  • Place your hand lightly on or above the person’s shoulder or head.
  • Use the person’s name and say, “_____, I lay hands on you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”
  • Offer the appropriate prayers.

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