Tobit 9

Chapter 9

Tobiah Remembers His Primary Mission.[a] 1 Then Tobiah sent for Raphael. 2 “Brother Azariah,” he said, “take four servants and two camels with you and leave for Rages. 3 Go to Gabael’s house, give him the note of credit, and collect the money. Then invite him to come with you to the wedding celebration. 4 As you realize, my father must be counting the days, and if my return should be delayed by as little as a single day, he will be deeply grieved. You witnessed the oath that Raguel has sworn, and I cannot violate that oath.”

5 [b]And so Raphael, together with the four servants and two camels, went to Rages in Media and lodged with Gabael. Raphael gave Gabael the note of credit, informed him about the marriage of Tobiah, son of Tobit, and invited him to the wedding feast. Gabael immediately arose and counted out to him the money bags with their seals still intact. Then they loaded them onto the camels.

6 The following morning they both arose early and set off to the wedding celebration. When they entered Raguel’s house, they found Tobiah reclining at table. He jumped up and greeted Gabael, who wept and blessed him with these words: “Good and noble son of a father equally good and noble, upright and generous, may the Lord bestow the blessing of heaven on you and your wife, as well as on your wife’s father and mother. Blessed be God, for I observe in Tobiah the very image of my cousin Tobit.”[c]


  1. Tobit 9:1 Ever present, the benevolent guide acquitted himself on the journey to the satisfaction of everyone. Gabael’s blessing (v. 6) constitutes one of the high points of Tobiah’s trip.
  2. Tobit 9:5 It is interesting to note that Gabael, as is true of all the personages in this Book, except Asmodeus, the husband-slaying demon (Tob 8:7), turns out to be most gracious, honorable, and trustworthy.
  3. Tobit 9:6 Instead of this verse, the Vulgate (vv. 8-12) reads as follows: “8And when Gabelus entered Raguel’s house, he found Tobiah sitting at the table; Tobiah leaped up and they embraced. Gabelus wept and blessed God 9and said, ‘The God of Israel bless you, because you are the son of a very good and just man, a true worshiper of God and giver of alms. 10May a blessing come upon your wife and upon your parents. 11And may you see your children and your children’s children unto the third and fourth generation. May your seed be blessed by the God of Israel, who reigns forever and ever.’ 12And when all had said Amen, they began to feast; but the merry-making over this wedding was such as became God’s worshipers.”

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