Tobit 10

Chapter 10

Anxiety of Tobiah’s Parents.[a] 1 Meanwhile, every day Tobit continued to estimate the number of days Tobiah would need for the journey there and for the return trip. When that time had elapsed and still his son had not returned, 2 he said, “Is it possible that he has been detained there? Perhaps Gabael is dead and there is no one who is able to give him the money.” 3 And he began to worry. 4 His wife Anna said, “My son has perished and is no longer among the living.” And she began to weep, and to mourn over her son, saying, 5 “Alas, my child, the light of my eyes. Why did I permit you to make this journey?”

6 However, Tobit continued to reassure her: “Hush! Do not worry, my dear. He is all right. Probably something unexpected has happened to delay them. The man who is accompanying him is trustworthy and one of our kindred. So do not grieve for him, my dear. He will be here soon.”

7 But she retorted: “Let me alone and do not try to deceive me! My child has perished.” Each day she would go out and maintain her watch on the road her son had taken, and she would listen to no one. At sunset she would return home and mourn and weep throughout the night, unable to sleep.

The Return of Tobiah

Tobiah Insists on Returning Home.[b] After the fourteen days for the wedding celebration that Raguel had sworn to hold for his daughter had come to an end, Tobiah approached him and said, “Now please let me depart, for I am positive that my father and mother do not believe that they will ever see me again. So I beseech you, father, that you allow me to return home now to my father Tobit. I have already explained to you the condition in which I left him.”

8 Raguel replied, “My child, stay with me, and I will send messengers to your father to give him news of you.” 9 But Tobiah insisted, “No, I beg you to let me return home to my father.” 10 Without any further hesitation, Raguel turned over to Tobiah Sarah his bride, as well as half of all his possessions—male and female slaves, oxen and sheep, donkeys and camels, clothing, money, and household goods. 11 Bidding them farewell, he prepared to send them on their way. Embracing Tobiah, he said, “Good-bye, my son. Have a safe journey. May the Lord of heaven grant prosperity to you and your wife Sarah. Hopefully, before I die, I will be able to see your children.”

12 He then kissed his daughter Sarah and said to her: “My daughter, honor your husband’s father and mother, since from now on they are as much your parents as the ones who gave you life. Depart in peace, my daughter, and may I hear nothing but good reports about you as long as I live.” After this, he bade good-bye to them and let them go.

13 Then Edna said to Tobiah, “My child, and beloved brother, may the Lord bring you back home safely, and may I live long enough to see the children born to you and my daughter Sarah before I die. In the sight of the Lord I entrust my daughter into your keeping. Do not cause her suffering in any day of your life. Go in peace, my child. From now on I am your mother and Sarah is your beloved wife. May we all have good fortune for the rest of our lives.” Then she kissed them both and sent them away safe and sound.

14 When Tobiah was ready to leave Raguel’s house, he was filled with happiness and joy, and he blessed the Lord of heaven and earth, the King of all that exists, for ensuring the success of his journey. Finally he blessed Raguel and his wife Edna, saying, “May I honor you for the rest of my life.”


  1. Tobit 10:1 There is feasting at Ecbatana, but at Nineveh, time has stopped. Overwhelmed by anxiety, the aged parents count the days. The author artfully handles the contrast and sketches one of the most moving scenes in the Book.
  2. Tobit 10:7 God has not yet accomplished his purpose, for Tobit’s trial is still in progress. It is time for the final act to be played and the story to reach its conclusion. Tobiah takes leave of his parents-in-law and starts out for Nineveh with a joyful caravan.

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