Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC) - Ezekiel 45

45 Moreover, when you shall divide the land by apportioned and assigned lots for inheritance, you shall set apart as an offering to the Lord a portion of the land to be used for holy purposes. The length shall be 25,000 [a]cubits, and the breadth 20,000. It shall be holy (set apart and consecrated to sacred use) in its every area.(A)

2 Of this there shall belong to the sanctuary a square plot 500 by 500, and 50 cubits for the open space around it.

3 And in this sacred section you shall measure off a portion 25,000 [b]cubits in length and 10,000 cubits in breadth. And in it shall be the sanctuary which is most holy.

4 It is a holy portion of the land; it shall be for the priests, the ministers of the sanctuary, who come near to minister to the Lord; and it shall be a place for their houses and a holy place (set apart as sacred) for the sanctuary.

5 And another portion of land, 25,000 cubits long and 10,000 cubits wide, shall also be for the Levites, the ministers of the temple, and they shall possess it as a place in which to live.

6 And you shall appoint for the possession of the city an area of 5,000 cubits wide and 25,000 cubits long, along beside the portion set aside as a holy section. It shall belong to the whole house of Israel.

7 And to the prince shall belong the land on the one side and on the other side of the portion set aside as a holy section and the property of the city, in front of the holy section and the property of the city, from the west side westward and from the east side eastward; and the length shall be answerable to that of one of the tribal portions and parallel to it from the western boundary to the eastern boundary of the land.

8 It shall be for the prince—his possession in Israel. And My princes shall no more oppress My people, but they shall give the rest of the land to the house of Israel according to their tribes.

9 Thus says the Lord God: That is enough for you, O princes of Israel! Stop the violence and plundering and oppression [that you did when you were given no property], and do justice and righteousness, and take away your exactions and cease your evictions of My people, says the Lord God.

10 You shall have just weights on your scales and just measures—both a just ephah measure and a just bath measure.

11 The ephah and the bath measures shall both be the same size, the bath containing one tenth of a homer and the ephah one tenth of a homer; the standard measure shall be the homer.

12 And the shekel shall be twenty gerahs; twenty shekels and twenty-five shekels and fifteen shekels shall be your maneh.

13 This is the offering which you shall make: a sixth of an ephah from each homer of wheat and a sixth of an ephah from each homer of barley.

14 And as to the set portion of oil, you shall offer the tenth part of a bath of oil out of each cor, which is a homer of ten baths, for ten baths make [both a cor and] a homer.

15 And [you shall offer] one lamb out of every flock of two hundred, out of the well-watered pastures of Israel and from all the families of Israel, to provide for a meal offering and for a burnt offering and for peace offerings, to make atonement for those who brought them, says the Lord God.

16 All the people of the land shall give this offering for the prince in Israel.

17 And it shall be the prince’s part to furnish [from the contributions of the people] the burnt offerings, meal offerings, and drink offerings at the feasts and on the New Moons and on the Sabbaths, at all the appointed feasts of the house of Israel. He shall prepare and make the sin offering, the meal offering, the burnt offering, and the peace offerings to make atonement for, bringing forgiveness and reconciliation to, the house of Israel.

18 Thus says the Lord God: In the first [month], on the first [day] of the month, you shall take a young bull without blemish and you shall cleanse the sanctuary.

19 And the priest shall take some of the blood of the sin offering and put it upon the doorposts of the temple and upon the four corners of the ledge of the altar and upon the posts of the gate of the inner court.

20 You shall do this on the seventh day of the month for everyone who has sinned through error or ignorance and for him who is simple-minded. So shall you make atonement for the temple.

21 In the first month on the fourteenth day of the [month]; you shall have the Passover, a feast of seven days; unleavened bread shall be eaten.

22 Upon that day the prince shall prepare for himself and for all the people of the land a bullock for a sin offering.

23 And for the seven days of the feast he shall prepare a burnt offering to the Lord, seven bullocks and seven rams without blemish daily for the seven days, and a he-goat daily for a sin offering.

24 And he shall prepare as a meal offering to be offered with each bullock an ephah of meal, an ephah for each ram, and a hin of oil for each ephah of meal.

25 In the seventh [month], on the fifteenth day of the month, he shall make the same provision and preparation for the seven days of the feast, for sin offerings, burnt offerings, bloodless or meal offerings, and for the oil.


  1. Ezekiel 45:1 The Septuagint (Greek translation of the Old Testament) so reads. The term “cubits” rather than “reeds” is supplied throughout this chapter only as the more probable reading. Neither is definitely designated in the Hebrew.
  2. Ezekiel 45:3 The Septuagint (Greek translation of the Old Testament) so reads. The term “cubits” rather than “reeds” is supplied throughout this chapter only as the more probable reading. Neither is definitely designated in the Hebrew.

Cross references

  1. Ezekiel 45:1 : Ezek. 48:9, 12, 13.

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