Micah 2

Chapter 2

Those Who Covet Fields and Homes

1 Woe to those who plot evil,
who lie in their beds planning iniquity.
When morning dawns they perform their wicked deeds
since they have the power to do so.
2 They seize the fields that they covet;
they confiscate houses as well.
They lay hands on the owner of a house,
and take his inheritance as well.

3 Therefore, thus says the Lord:

Behold, I am planning against this people an evil
from which you will not be able to save your necks.
Nor will you walk proudly,
for it will be a time of disaster.
4 On that day they will ridicule you,
and your mournful dirge will be heard:
“We are utterly ruined;
our land has been appropriated by our captors.
Our fields have been awarded to renegades,
and no one can retrieve them.”
5 Therefore, you will have no one
to divide the land by lot
in the assembly of the Lord.

Against Prophets of Ease

6 “Do not preach,” they advise;
“one should not expound on such matters;
disgrace will not overtake us.”
7 O house of Jacob, should it be said:
“Has the Lord’s patience been exhausted?
Does he do such things?
His words only prophesy good
to those who are upright.”
8 But now you have risen up
as an enemy to my people.
You strip the cloaks from travelers
who pass by peacefully,
or from soldiers returning from battle.
9 The women of my people you drive forth
from their pleasant homes
and deprive their children
of my glory forever,
10 commanding them, “Get up and depart,
for you cannot stay here.”
To obtain something worthless for yourselves,
you do not hesitate to practice extortion.

I Will Assemble the Remnant of Israel

11 If someone were to go about
uttering falsehoods and lies, and saying,
“I prophesy that you will have your fill
of wine and strong drink,”
such a man would be the perfect prophet
for a people like this.
12 I will gather all of you together, O Jacob;
I will assemble the remnant of Israel.
I will gather them together
like sheep into a fold,
like a flock in a pasture;
no longer will they be filled with panic.
13 With their leader proceeding before them,
they shall break through the gate and go out.
Their king will go forth before them,
the Lord at their head.

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