Job 26

Job’s Eighth Response

Chapter 26

How Profuse Is the Advice You Suggest![a] 1 Job then answered with these words:

2 “What a help you are to the helpless,
and what strength you are to the weak!
3 What good counsel you give to the ignorant!
How abundantly you have manifested wisdom!
4 Who has helped you utter those words?
And whose spirit issued forth from your mouth?

God’s Mighty Works

5 “The dead below tremble with fright,
as do the waters and all their inhabitants.
6 The netherworld[b] is laid bare before him,
and Abaddon lies uncovered.
7 “He stretches out the North[c] above the void
and suspends the earth on nothingness.
8 He encloses the waters in dense clouds,
yet the clouds are not torn asunder under their weight.
9 He veils the face of the full moon,
spreading his clouds beneath it.
10 “He has established the horizon on the surface of the waters
as the boundary between light and darkness.
11 The pillars of the heavens shake,
stunned by the thunder of his voice.
12 By his power he churns up the sea,
and by his skill he smites Rahab.[d]
13 By his breath the skies are cleared,
and by his hand he has pierced the fleeing serpent.[e]
14 “These deeds are only a sample of what he has done,
and how faint is the whisper that we hear of him,
but who can possibly comprehend the thunder of his power?”


  1. Job 26:1 Job appeals to irony once again in answer to Bildad: is it right to proclaim God’s power to a dying man?
  2. Job 26:6 Netherworld: see note on Ps 6:6. Abaddon: a Hebrew word meaning “a place of destruction,” which was used as another word for the netherworld (see Job 28:22; Rev 9:11).
  3. Job 26:7 The North: another word for the firmament (see note on Ps 48:3).
  4. Job 26:12 See the note on Job 7:12.
  5. Job 26:13 Fleeing serpent: i.e., Leviathan; see notes on Job 3:8; 7:12.

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